Mexican Family Restaurant

New Braunfels, TX

Are you on the lookout for a nice Mexican family restaurant that you can be comfortable bringing the kids to? Maybe you just did an internet search for ‘best Mexican food near me'. Well, your search is over. Camila's Mexican Restaurant of New Braunfels, TX has everything you need.

We have all, at one time or another, walked into a restaurant with our family and realized too late that it was most definitely not kid-friendly. That is not the case at Camila's Mexican Restaurant. We love children and welcome families to come dine in our Mexican family restaurant. We also know that some children don't yet have the vast array of a palette that we adults have. Because of that, we have no issue offering special dishes for our youngest diners. We can even alter some of our regular dishes to accommodate their tastes and possible distaste of hot sauce and peppers.

If you did a search for ‘best Mexican food near me', then you were brought to the right spot. Nobody serves better Mexican dishes than Camila's Mexican Restaurant. We have quite the variety of dishes and most of them can be altered a bit to fit someone's dietary restrictions. This could include allergies, gluten sensitivities or a vegetarian diet. We know that these days people really need things to be easily adapted to suit their needs, and we do our best to accommodate everyone. You just need to make sure that you communicate your specific needs very carefully with our wait staff so they can relay the message to our chefs in the kitchen.

So bring the kids without worry and stop in at Camila's Mexican Restaurant for lunch or dinner this week. You will get a chance firsthand to see our experienced, friendly wait staff take care of you, while enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine.