Mexican Restaurant

San Antonio, TX

If you love Mexican food and you haven't been to Camila's Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, TX, boy are you missing out! We are the best Mexican restaurant in the area and our customers keep on coming back for more.

Whether you are looking for a Mexican restaurant or a more casual Mexican diner feel, you will find that the food and atmosphere at Camilla's just can't be beat. From our friendly wait staff, to our experienced, Mexican cuisine chefs, no one offers you a more varied Mexican menu.

We aren't just talking about tacos and burritos at our Mexican diner. Sure, we serve those and everyone loves them every once in a while, but we offer a full range of Mexican favorites.

We serve authentic Mexican foods like gorditas, chalupas, enchiladas, frijoles churros and Tex-Mex favorite chimichangas. If you're looking for spicy, tasty Mexican dishes, it is time to stop in at Camila's Mexican Restaurant.

With a full menu of Mexican food, we can easily alter menu items. If you have allergies, just let your waiter or waitress know so they can warn the chef. We can make substitutions for just about anything. We can bring the heat up or down on certain dishes for diners who have a sensitivity to the hot sauces. Vegetarians can easily find delicious dishes to eat too. All they have to do is swap out the beef, seafood or chicken for beans in most dishes to make them acceptable for their diet.
If you haven't been to our place before, now is the time to check out Camila's Mexican Restaurant. The casual atmosphere and delicious Mexican plates will keep you coming back over and over. Say goodbye to fast food Mexican dishes. Come try the authentic taste of Mexico at Camila's Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, TX.